Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Daily WTF?! moment: Negative reservation

Still trying to get my head around this one. Serious MS? Negative reservation? Too many downtown Seattle microbrews during lunch hour?


In the inventory transactions I find the line that causes this. It is a physical reservation for qty –1 and it is linked to a sales order.

The sales order has only one line for the item. It has an output order on it, with a reservation of +1 on a different location than above.

With reference to my article about the inventTrans and the rule of never deleting lines from there, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. But I mean….WTF?

The theory of negative reservations

Now gather ‘round, boys and girls and imagine what the world would look like if negative reservations would exist. What would they be like?

I imagine it would be like a place holder on a location. Don’t put anything on this shelf, because I am expecting a returned item from a customer to be placed in this position soon. That’s what it would say whenever someone tries to issue a put away to that location.

It would be like the numbered markers they give you at MacDonalds. You place them on your table instead of the Big Mac that you ordered and by the time your fries are cold, a waitress will come and replace the marker with a freshly assembled burger.

Quantum physical approach of negative inventory

Or maybe it is even more conceptual. String theory enthusiasts, pay attention. This might bring you one step closer to the Theory of Everything.

If a positive reservation is a marker on an item in inventory. Then a negative reservation is a marker on an item that is not in inventory. Basically you are saying that you will fulfill your requirement (e.g. sales order line) using any item that is not in your inventory,

Imagine the collection of all items. This collection has two subsets by definition. [Items that are in your inventory], and [items that are not in your inventory]. Each of these subsets has at least one other subset. [Items that at some time will be in your inventory] and [items that at some time will not be in your inventory] (if you run your business right than the majority of your inventory will be part of the latter. But consider the set [Items that are not in your inventory[Items that at some time will be in your inventory]]. We already know that these items, will be in inventory at some time in the future. If we consider time as another inventory dimension (and in a quantum physical world there is no reason that we shouldn’t), then we must be able to make reservations on this location that has inventory in dimension time x (where x is a time somewhere in the future).

Because that means we are putting a marking on an item that is not in our inventory, we are creating a negative reservation.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

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