Monday, March 7, 2016

My daily WTF? moment: Batch tracking


Today left me in a permanent state of WTF? after having to deal with this little gem of a problem.

The issue started simple enough as someone was unable to pick an order while there clearly was sufficient inventory of a certain item.


It was relatively easy to find out that the problem was initially caused by a batch dimension that was active for the current inventory.


The pick line had no batch dimension on it. That made perfect sense, because the item tracking dimension group has no active batch tracking.


What did not make sense was the revelation that the item was counted into inventory with batch and all.


Now as far as I know it is not possible to even fudge a counting journal with a batch number and post it when batch control is turned off on the item tracking. The same is true for all other inventory movements. AX will scrutinize any posting attempt and “just say no”.

It is also not possible to change the item tracking dimension group on an item with transactional history.


In the end, I created a correction job that changed the inventdim on the inventtrans and the inventjournaltrans, and then recaluclated the inventsum. This freed the inventory from its hostage situation, but I do hope our accountants don’t read my blog.

(Did I type that out loud?)

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